At work today, me and a friend got into an argument about Mexican super heros...We came to the conclusion that there are none...

We threw out names like Speedy Gonzales, the guy from the Minora-team, and El Tigre, but we didn't consider them what we were looking for

So, i come to the pit for help. Can you name any Mexican comic book/Super heros?
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How can you throw out Speedy Gonzales.
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El Toro Fuerte
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December 14, 2017
Would Puss in Boots count?

Edit: Wait, I don't even think he's mexican so nevermind.
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Would Puss in Boots count?

Edit: Wait, I don't even think he's mexican so nevermind.

Dude, he's French. Only a French cat could be so stylish.
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OT: probably not, it's mostly american
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So when I saw this thread. a voice like the guy that did the intro to the old superman cartoons came into my head and said "Able to leap the tallest fences in a single bound..."
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EL SANTO! It's an oldie but it was considered a superhero around here...
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That's gotta be the sorriest list of super hero's ever
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JacobTheEdit: Hell yeah Ruben.

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