depressed about my playing-how do i overcome this obstacle?


I've always considered myself to be a good player who is extremely versatile(can play almost any style with proficiency),and people have said"oh you are great"but i've never really belived it.Sometimes when i hear someone who has more chops and or technique than i have that just blows the roof off i just wonder to myself"what is missing with MY playing?(and i have some pretty formidable technique myself although not as fast as other cats who can shred the lights out)It just seems like my playing is missing an"it"factor.It's like people will compliment me and rave and say oh you are so "great",but i know that there are other guys who can"shred"better are more melodic have more chops etc...Like i said my BIGGEST strength is being able to play any style(and i can shred when need be).I'm just wonderinh if THOSE people that have handed me out compliments see something with my playing that i can't.I dunno it just gets me down sometimes.Maybe some of you can relate?
People will always be better than you at some things, depending on what they practice most, but being versatile and having lots of different tones is always good.
Basicly what Tempoe said.
I make it a habbit of NOT judging myself because people will do it for you and overall they have a better insight into what it is youre doing. I can relate to this and its the main reason why i try not to judge myself so much because i will put myself down. People tell me im good and i take it that im good. and at the end of the day if theres somthing youre not happy with you can work at it. Im useless at sweep picking but im getting better because ive recently started to focus on it alot. Its all you can do. You just have to ignore the voices in your head as hard as it can be sometimes.

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I can totallu relate to you bro, thats why I practice everyday to get better and better, not to be better than anybody, just to prove to myself that I can be better.
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I agree with most of the replies but you can't always listen to what other people say about your playing and take it as truth. People are always biased in their opinions either one way or another and it's easy to impress someone who doesn't play.
I get what it feels like to think your not good enough as i myself feel that way often but i think it's best to judge yourself on how you've improved. You shouldn't compare yourself to someone else as everyone learns different and there will always be someone who is more versatile or faster etc...