So, I was reading an article on Beck and his "Record Club" which is where he invites a variety of musicians to cover an entire album and each artist takes a different track and recreates the song in their own style. Its really cool.

I was thinking that UG should have a similar thing. Which means that we would all have to agree on an album, record it, and then release it as a whole.

Would anybody else be interested in something like this? Where we release a different album every month?

My ideas for some albums are:
"Oracular Spectacular" MGMT
"Blood On The Tracks" Bob Dylan
"Doolittle" The Pixies

While you are free to suggest any album at all, I think that you should think about albums that could still keep their greatness even while diverse. (For instance a lot of metal or punk albums may become awkward acoustic).
It would incredible if someone did Dopesmoker.
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Neil Young - everybody knows this is nowhere. or Fun House by iggy and the stooges.

edit: if not that i second jacobs bob dylan suggestion, i'm not a fan of his but his songs can usually be covered really well.
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This has potential, methinks. I hope Dopesmoker is a joke, though. Great album, but very little potential for this.

Being a metalnerd, I'd like to see Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast done in various genres. Like make a list of genres (excluding metal) and have people pick songs and genres off the list and do the covers that way.

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If enough people want Dopesmoker, then we'll do it.

I also just thought of "Rio" by Duran Duran.
London Calling would be ridiculously epic.
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Blue - Weezer


London Calling is actually a fantastic idea though.