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Potential Employee #1
7 41%
Potential Employee #2
10 59%
Voters: 17.
A new employee is needed, and for whatever reason you're in charge of hiring this new employee. You interview a bunch of people, and have narrowed it down and you have to decide between these two people:

Potential Employee #1: Perfectly qualified. He's a great interview, has all the qualifications, etc. The job would help him out, but he doesn't need the job, so to speak. He's not desperate or anything. If you turn him down, he'll still manage alright, as he's doing okay financially. Maybe he'll struggle a little, but nothing too bad.

Potential Employee #2: Meets the majority of the qualifications. Good interview, and although he's not perfect for the job, you know he'd do a good job and meet the requirements of the position, probably not as good as #1, though. However, he needs this job. He's struggling financially, is supporting other people, and desperately needs to find a job.

Who do you choose? I'd choose #2.

And lets just say you heard about their situations through a reliable 3rd party.
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The job should go to the most qualified individual every time.
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#1. Employers don't normally ask about financial status when hiring.

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