I need to clean the maple fretboard of my jackson dk2m, how do i go about this?

i dont own any lemon oil and cant get any, i want to do this within the next half hour so please dont suggest buying anything

another thing is, im not sure whether its finished or not, how do you tell?
my telecaster has a maple fretboard, and i don't know what professional sprays and stuff you can use, but lemon oil and other stuff like that is supposedly bad for finished wood, which the vast majority of commercially made maple fretboard guitars will have.

when i clean mine, i take all the strings off, and just use a light gauge steel wool on the frets, to get them shiny and level. then i use a dry cloth to clean the wood of the gunk and fret muck.

get a new set of strings on, and give it a regular check up, intonation, action etc, while you have the time.

thats basically what i do, but if theres any other ways, im gonna be watching this thread to see if any good ideas come up.
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in the next 30 minutes huh...go do a google search then.

that should be fast!

so demanding!

i didnt mean to sound demanding, i just thought you loyal guitar lovers here would love to help someone to make their axe sexy again :peace"