hey guys, i haven't posted in this forum in ages. I know most of you guys probably won't like this piece, because i write very phonetically (the most important thing for me is for the words to sound good when i sing them (i write my songs by scatting them first, and then writting the lyrics to fit the scat i've shaped to fit my music). So anyways, i thought these lyrics were pretty good, lemme know what you think.

Just for tonight i'll dress the suit and tie
forget the rest just be on time.
I've got to impress to do it just right
if i want to go into the night

You know i'm the best, i know you'll undress
so why we gotta go through this again?
you know what i want and i bet i'll get it
by the time i've won, this night is a hit.

Oh, it takes a while but i'll be
finding new ways to light up your eyes
with a fire never seen, i'm not like those guys.
Travelling through a scene while you're like "yeah right"
riding my machine all through the night
Full speed ahead, you're spinning my head.
You're faster than me, you found my bed.

Don't know how you did it
yeah you found it
you know what i want
you know i mean business
wanna do it again
just do it

I see all these places i swear, in your face,
I can see right through you just wishing for that ace.
You know you've got no chance to win at this hand,
i can make you out in less than a glance.

I guess i'm getting tired, this is getting old
running out of time, still haven't found the gold
you're just one of those that i'll remember well
from one of the night it all went to hell

But i've had those time and they'll go
down in history for changing our lives
now a melody that rhymes and has style.
Something to remember me by a starry night,
look up at the sky and pick the one you like.
That's me by your side in your dreams every night
i make you smile, that's it, it's allright!


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