I realize that this comes up a lot on these boards and they get annoying, but i just cant seem to do it. I've been playing for 3 years and i have no problem playing while sitting or while standing as long as its not below the 14th fret. After that point it gets almost impossible. Some of the songs im trying to play require me to use my pinky on the high frets of the sixth string but i just cant reach it.

Is there a specific way the left hand is supposed to be placed against the fretboard while standing?

When i play sitting my thumb is usually on the back of the neck and my hand and fingers are lined up with the fret board, but when i stand my thumb usually wraps around the neck

I've tried having my hand lined up with the fretboard but the requires me to put my thumb on the middle back of the neck and my whole wrist then just sticks out farther than my hand and fingers and its really uncomfortable and if i let my thumb wrap around the back of the neck i cant reach the sixth string with my pinky. Whatever i do my thumb always seems to get in the way.

I play with the guitar right about at my waist, with half of it touching my stomach (Pretty high already). So is there anyway to teach myself to play while standing without playing like Tom Morello? I realize practicing while standing helps but i can't practice if my fingers wont even reach the frets.
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Change the stance of your body when you get to higher frets.


I tend to jut the neck out further than normal and tighten my knees in Looks cool mid solo.
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it doesn't really matter, robert fripp plays sitting down (or that might've been a different progressive guitarist...). he can play standing too, he just likes sitting down. but anyway, just come up with some cool excuse for sitting down, "it keeps me concentrated on the music instead of dancing and bullcrap like that" haha you might sound a bit like a douche but people will let you sit. just bring a stool to your shows.
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Put the strap up higher, its what I do.

I agree. Adjust the strap so the guitar is at a height where you can access the frets easily.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Yea, raise your strap man. No one cares where you put your guitar, I've literally never heard anyone comment on the length of someone's strap.
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I tend to jut the neck out further than normal and tighten my knees in Looks cool mid solo.

ahaha Exactly man you described it perfectly.
Youve got problem playing after 14th fret while standing??
Well I've got another issue
I cant Play the Lower strings while standing ,if they are in a solo or shredding ...
but i can play upto 17th fret on High 3 strings(G,B,E) perfectly ,and 44th one hardly ...

What can be the problem ??
Perhaps my hands are short ??
how to solve it ?
Most playing while standing issues are either due to posture, length of the strap, or both. Start with the guitar way up high, (think Tom Morello, or any player from the 50's) and slightly lower it till it gets comfortable. Also be sure to keep your wrist straight at all times. In order to reach different frets, experiment with different angles of the neck. And as always, just practice.

In theory there shouldn't be any difference in sitting or standing.