Ok so I just finished applying a few mods to it. Here's what I did;

-Removed C25 and C35
-C36 changed to 0.068uF(metalized poly)
-Changed C34 to 0.047uF(one previously used for C36)
-Changed C42 to 0.1uF(ceramic)
-D3 changed to a LED
-D4 changed to 1n4005
-C3, 4, 11, 21, 37, 39 changed to 1uF(metallic poly)
-C18, 20 changed to 220pF(ceramic)
-C28 changed to 220pF(ceramic)
-C10, 26 changed to 47pF(ceramic)
-Yellow LED power indicator

So the results; it is still a Mt-2, but it does sound better. It sounds more "alive", and the EQ is more versatile. However, pumping the Level pot above 12 o'clock gives me an audible hum(note that I haven't played with the settings in a while, so it might have been like that before). Anyhow, the sound is overally better, and is more "complete". But it is still a Mt-2, there's something reckognizable about the sound. And the yellow LED.

Was it worth it? Yes. I'll probably experiment more with it later.
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any chance of an original and post mod schem?