Browsing through CL I found a posting for a JCM 800 2205 with 1960a Cabinet and Flight cases. The total was around $1600. Then after some talking he agreed to $1300 and I wonder if I can lower it a little more.

Then I discover Marshall "clones" and become interested in making a Jube 2555. Only issue here is how would I get a Marshall styled body for the circuit and what not (I'd be buying pre-made).

This would then be a jube at a wicked cheap price, minus the real Marshall name. Still that 800 is kind of cheap too with all things considered. Not sure which to get and also a little afraid of the "clone" not being as nice or trust worthy as a real Jube.
As always, all opinions are appreciated. Thanks :-]
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Yea thats what i thought.
If this is your ideal amp that you intend to keep forever then a clone is a good idea. If you think you are going to sell it one day then buy the Marshall. It's not a bad price, I'd just grab it.
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Why do you say to hold out for a 2203 or 2204? I would like some argument to back this up. I'm looking to keep this amp for a while so any reasons that will convince me all the more are better.

The genre I'm going for here is similar to GNR, ACDC, Hendrix, and the similar. I've seen some great videos on youtube of the Jcm 800 performing these.

Admittedly I don't know the difference between the 2203, 2204, 2205, and the 2210. Help?
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Yea thats what i thought.