I'm pretty sure that's moving all the notes up 1 and that would be playing the same notes as the song isn't it? The answer is yes.
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Let's think about this logically:

How do you get from C to C#?

Go up one.

Modify the rest accordingly.
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Ah cool, Thought so, I know a little bit of theory anyway, but was never 100% sure, esp after my nub mate says, NAH THAT'S WRONG LOL

I'm just lazy and cbf picking up my other guitar which is in standard and i hate having to keep changing strings between 2 guitars.

Might be easier when i join a band anyway and they want to play some stuff in standard I might be able to play it in drop C and either use a capo or not bother and just play the same notes in a different area. Saves me having to drag another guitar to band practice.
if the string intervals are the same across all strings then you can still play it as tabbed......but to move everything up 1 fret you would need to capo the 1st
A cappo and going standard to Drop C is still going to be funny on the first string.

A cappo from any drop tuning and a cappo on any standard to standard tuning.
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