hey guys
i have been playing guitar for about two and a half or three years i guess....but i am relatively new to ampspedals etc...i just wanted to know like for example how are these effects uded y players live..taking Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge/Creed) for example. He says he use the t-rex michael angelo batio signature pedal for overdrive but he also has the mesa boogie for his dirty tone..he even uses the tonebone for distortion effects..what i am confused that how can he use so much stuff for his distortion tone...i am really confused about how this stuff works
i dont know his setup but as far as ai know
he probably uses the amp in the dirty channel and then uses those other two effects to increase the gain their probably just plugged into the effects loops or before the amp
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Quick Google search of "Mark Tremonti Rig" brought up a bunch of stuff. These 3 will help you the most:




He could be using his O/D as a boost for his amp's distortion tone. A lot of players do this. He could also favour different types of distortions for different things. Variety is a great thing.
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His rig is absolutely shocking how large it is. Like, bigger than John Petrucci's. It's gross. I think he's got some Fenders in there, a Bogner or 2, and the Triple Recto's are a staple. I hate his playing and hate him as a person, but god damn is his rig intense. I think the only practical advice worth giving here is just to try and dial in a tone you like without sounding just like him. Dial up the best tone you can and then decide what needs changing is my suggestion.