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So here's the deal, I have been playing electric guitar for 5 years (I started on electric, unlike most people), so I definitely know my way around the fretboard...
I decided a year ago that it was definitely time for me to get an acoustic... specifically, a relatively nice Martin (better for college, don't need to lug my Spider III around and/or fit it in the dorms, etc.). That being said, I do just fine with the left hand, but I really need work on the right hand and finger picking/arpeggios. In retrospect, I really should have started with an acoustic. So, my question is, where can I find some good exercises and techniques to quickly learn acoustic-style picking and right hand acoustic rhythm and techniques? I have seen some, but they're intended for total beginners, so it spends a good amount of time talking about the left hand. Obviously, I use broader, more "whole" picking on electric, which badly translates to acoustic. I'm getting awfully tired of getting weird looks when I say I have been playing guitar for 5 years, even though it may sound like I have been playing for 1. I always seem to go back to my electric patterns, which sound awful on acoustic for the most part.

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try learning acoustic songs
but i think you just need to adjust to the harder strings on the acoustic guitar its basically the same instrument just a clean sounding one without distortion
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try learning acoustic songs
but i think you just need to adjust to the harder strings on the acoustic guitar

alright, what songs would you suggest?
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alright, what songs would you suggest?

stairway to heaven and babe im going to leave you both by led zeppelin
tears in the rain by joe satriani
most of the beatles songs sound good on an acoustic like
black bird and if i fell
just some of the top of my head
MY suggestion is ( if you haven't already) learn to use measures, I honestly do not understand fully what you are talking about being I only play the acoustic.

From what I gather is, your having a hard time with rhythm . You are looking for a pattern in the songs.

Some songs are strumming three times a chord, other are strumming 4 times a chord then two ( these seem to be the most basic ).

Find yourself some good rhythm songs and , it will be a bitch at first.... just STAY with that pattern that sounds like the song... fit the words to it. As you fit... you will find the minor flaws you are making and adjust to fix them.

Adjusting speed will help depending on your play style.