Anyone know any songs? I can only think of Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix (key of Eb, but that counts).


*EDIT* I'm changing it to riffs/solos/songs in key of E to make it easier
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whole lotta love?
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If you can play blues/pentatonic in at any reasonable speed a guitar player should hit, you can play almost every solo from the 70's they are really easy, learn the scales and how to improvise and you'll be good
yeah i can improvise, but our band is gonna playing a 70's classic rock medley at our family reunion and theme was the 1970's. We figured it's best to mix the songs in the same key so yeah.
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good times bad times, walk this way

edit: oops i guess led zeppelin I was in 1969
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like...probably half of all black sabbath songs are in e minor (you didnt say if it was minor or major you wanted)....dont qoute me on this,but im allmost sure paranoid (e minor),n.i.b(e minor)into the void (e minor)death mask (e minor) children of the grave(e minor)iron man (e minor)step up (e minor)lord of this world (e minor)snow blind (e minor)sabbath bloody sabbath (e minor)supernaught (e minor)....i checked my self with a book i got,i couldve got you more but im not sure you even want e minor,but those are the ones i know.p.s.tony iommi did know mode scales,so he could get away playing in only e minor,g major....hope that helped.
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E major or E minor?

Tons of songs in either key, i suggest you learn how to figure it out yourself.

It doesn't matter if it's major or minor, both would be fine

But I created this thread so i won't have to scroll down my whole ipod and figure out the key of gazillion songs because there are so many classic rock songs out there.

Anyway thanks for the suggestions guys.
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Playing in E tends to be a popular choice for guitarists because it's so much easier than, say, F#. And since there's that huge blues influence on rock music, they just slap in the blues scale and play in E minor.

So there's a hell of a lot of them. None that I can think of off the top of my head, but that's just because I don't listen to an awful lot of rock n' roll.
i dont mean to burst your bubble or anything, but little wing was released in 1967. but if your still gonna count hendrix stuff for the 70's, you could do hey joe, thats in E minor. back in black is another popular one in E minor