Hey guys, this is a song I made with my friend one day. Went over to his house, smoked a bunch of weed and came up with this, this was a long time ago but I just found it and I thought it was pretty sick so I decided to share it here.

Tell me what you guys think, the songs called Summertime Flow. It's on my profile Mp3's: here

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The flow is good, and the recording sounds good. The rapping needs to be a little more volume consistent though. At some points it's especially hard to hear the words that hit at the same time as the snare. but overall, pretty good. I like the beat. Very cool.
Check for "Taking a Picture (Won't capture this)
I can dig it. I'm not too big on hip hop but I can appreciate a good song, and you've got one right here. Nothing I can really say about the composition or the mixing, except that it's well done. Keep it up.

You, good sir, have not gone over to your friends house after a hard night of drinking to find 2 dudes passed out in the same room both holding their own flaccid cocks in hand, passed out, with porn on the tv.
Sorry bout the late crit.

Listening to ur song, I actually kinda dig it, I dont really like rap much, BUT this is different, this reminds me of like the sopranos theme for whatever reason haha thats pretty awesome. I really enjoyed it actually, great job! And for me to like a hip hop thing, is a lot, and u pulled it off, great job!!!!!!!