i have a talent show sometime in the future and i'd love to have some song to play at it. preferably an acoustic solo. but it has to sound incredible. like cold arrival... the first time i heard it i nearly cried. it doesn't have to be all that difficult it just has to be impressive.

so any ideas?
Something by Andy Mckee. Maybe "Drifting"?

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really good suggestions. i've never been very impressed by ocean though, and people always say that. and although im not a fan of antoine dufour, catching the light is almost perfect. i think im gonna see what i can do with that for now. thanks for the help, and i am still open to any ideas.
How about Bron-Y- Au by Jimmy Page. It can be found on some versions of 'The Song Remains The Same' or try Limewireing it. It's nor too difficult to play, sounds great, and if you play it with VERY strict timing it works beautifully. There are a few video lessons available on UTube.
Prelude, fuge and allegro. BWV998
imo the creme de la creme of the works that Bach wrote "for" lute.
Start working on it now - you might have it ready for performance in 5 or 6 years.

Here's a performance by Bream sometime last century, fidelity generally poor but as usual the spirit is exemplary:
You could play anything that Antoine Dufour has made. His songs are technically stuffed with different techniques that should be able to impress people