I've decided on the ac30 as my next amp but I noticed these are two different amps. At first I thought it was just a typo. Anyone know the difference between these two? I've looked at both the descriptions and can't really tell what the hell the difference is, the cc2 is $300 more. Just wondering which will be the best bang for my buck.

the only difference i saw was the speaker type
i dont own either so cant really comment on it all i know is that i really want one
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The ac30c2 is the new model. it's better.

Beg to differ. The old ac30 has a birch cabinet, and tubes that might be harder to acess but wont cook the electronics like the new one could. It also has more features than the new amp and a valve rectifier (which is a matter of preference). To be fair there are pros and cons to either amp. The new ac30 has better reverb for instance, and supposedly a better fx loop. It also has a better stock speaker but that's irrelevant if your planning on getting the blues or upgrading to the blues at some point. Either will be fine and most would be hard pressed to tell the difference in tone between them.
My bad. I forgot about the rectifier. I think they older ones are discontinued though?
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Yeah they've been discontinued but there might be a few in stock at stores. TBH i didn't read the original post properly and presumed he was thinking about a second hand CC which in my opinion are awesome value and i would take one over a new C of the same price for sure. Like i said it's a matter of preference.