Hey team, I just finished a new song called "Slow Release (Wounds to Words)." I know it starts off a little slow but it's part of a grander idea right now that may include a video. Let me know what type of vibe you get from it and your favorite/least favorite thing about it and I'll return the favor!

It's in my profile.
As I listen:

I like how the acoustic guitar is panned left after the first few notes. Great vocals, also. Easy feeling transition into the instrumental acoustic part, and solid beat thanks to the bass drum. I like how the instrumental acoustic part from before now has the vocals over it. It's funny, because that's exactly what I did with my song that you crit'd, haha.

I like the lead acoustic guitar part after that, and the harmonies. 2:50, big snare! Awesome. And a nice, simple outro.

Okay, so, the vibe I get: The Lion King... haha, I have NO idea why. I haven't seen that movie in many, many years.

Favorite part: Acoustic harmonies

Least Favorite: Well, there's not really anything I don't like or would change.

Good job!
That was really quite excellent dude. The mix and the overall production was top notch. I thought it was really good because you didn't try to do too much with the song. Everything was right about where it should be, from the vox to the drums to the twin guitar parts. To me, the vibe it created was a mellow one, something that would be nice to hear just driving on an open road.

My favorite parts were when the kick first came in at :52, and the twin acoustics at 2:02.

I can't really point out a least favorite part. The intro was a bit slow like you said, maybe you could have used a ride cymbal buzz in or something to add a little to it.

Really excellent writing and recording here, great work and keep it up!

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"Those Words": Here's my biggest gripe: the intro vocals are adequate, but they sound so dreary. But it does contrast nicely once things take off. The later vocals sound sharp (good sharp, not pitchy sharp, your pitch control is good). Perhaps you could sing the intro vocals with more emotion & see how that works. All of the guitars sound great! I like the drums a lot too, what are they? Once you get more vocals on this, it should sound really good! Vibe? Hard to say since it sounds pretty unique (this is a compliment)...........though it does remind me a bit of Sublime's "What I Got". "Slow Release" is good, but I didn't like it as much: it gets better when then the drums get louder though. Guitars sound good. Vocals are good, but I wish they had more emotion, but it's not often I like songs this slow. It's a good recording for this genre. It reminds me vaguely of Pearl Jam (not a bad thing). Please review my alternative music at this link:

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wounded sounds pretty good,losta of nice changes,love the acoustic stuff.