Hi, I have an issue on my mind that keeps me disturbed until i find an answer to it

I use Dunlop Ultraglide 65 String Cleaner for cleaning the strings of my el. guitar and i'm pretty happy with it, but sometimes it happens to put some cleaner accidently to the fingerboard.

Is it possible to cause some damage to the fingerboard ? Well i don't spit the whole bottle you know, it happens only when i touch the fretboard when passing by the string with the cleaner. Thanks for advance to the people that might know something about it and are so gentle ro reply
The guys at Dunlop are probably smart enough to make a string cleaner that won't damage the wood/varnish. Of course, different guitar makers use different varnish. If there's no visible damage/peeling/bubbling after the stuff has been sitting for fifteen minutes, then it should be fine.
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i dont think they would make the cleaner do any damage to the fretboard im sure they expected for some to get on it
however if it does do damage to it it would be written on the bottle or box the product comes in
why dont you just change ur strings???? how long do you keep them on for that you need to clean them?
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Well, actually the purpose of this String Cleaner is to extend strings' life. Anyway thanks for all the answers, sounds logical indeed
i swear by the dunlop stuff, it does dry out the fingerboard if you use it alot though so just make sure you condition your fingerboard every time you replace your strings
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Well i actually do condition my fingerboard with Dunlop stuff for fingerboard conditioning when i change strings I hope it is ok.