Well I saw some of the mods for this and I was thinking about getting one....I was wanting to do the MESA mod on it....how dose it sound? how hard is it?

I'm sorta a newb to messing with tubes....but I would like the sound of a recto or a 6505 type thing.
theres something called google that works pretty well

and if your asking about it, then i highly doubt you can do it yourself
Could I get an answer from someone who isn't an asshole?

And all I asked was HOW DOSE IT SOUND? HOW HARD IS IT?

Google doesn't tell me that. I've looked. To me....It doesn't seem that hard. but I may be wrong.
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theres something called google that works pretty well

and if your asking about it, then i highly doubt you can do it yourself

Damn why do you people always say stupid things like this. This is a Gear building and customizing forum. If someone ask a question, and you don't know anything about it, just shut up and don't say "Oh there is this awesome cool thing called google". All that does is make you sound like an idiot. The purpose of this forum is to help people do things like this. I understand redirecting to Ultimate threads for questions that are asked all the time, but why have this forum at all if all people are going to do is tell people to look elsewhere.

Now to TS, if you have no experience working with a soldering iron and circuit boards it can be very damaging to the amp. I've only opened up a Peavey Delta Blues, so the Valveking my be different, but the circuit board was very thin and the traces lifted very easy. You can easily solder a jumper wire, but it starts to look tacky, and if you solder to the wrong place it can be disastrous.

Now as far as replacing components go, the hardest time I ever have with PCB amps is removing the PCB. I would recommend taking pictures of the amp before so that you know which wires go where when you put it back together. Removing the resistors and other parts is pretty easy. I usually take some flux, I get a nice size container of it from radio shack that is in a gel like form. Get the flux and some solder wick, dip the solder wick end into a bit of the flux. Put the wick with flux over the joint and then apply heat. It'll wick up the solder very fast. I used this technique to completely disassemble a circuit board at work, and it works very well.
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I did, and it answered nothing.

and yes I did :P

You'll get more responses if you ask it there, where all the Valveking owners hang out. I'm also sure I've seen people who have done it talk about how it sounds in that thread. Use the search bar.
Now, if you do attempt it, amps have lethal voltages in them, so it will be to your advantage to know in advance a little of what you're getting into.

Also, I have no idea even what the "MESA" mod is, so I won't be much help there...