Hello UG!

So about a year and a half back, I went to a local music store to get my first "real" electric guitar. I had been using some 70$ one til then. After looking around a bit, the guy in the store showed me a Peavey Wolfgang EVH Special (which I had no idea of what it was by the time). The price was great, in today's currency 320€/410$, and it felt good so I bought it. Also, the previous owner had put DiMarzio humbuckers in it, don't know what ones. However, I got the original pickups with the guitar.

Now, some time later, thought of selling it to get a guitar that suits my needs a little more has come up (I play downtuned metal, so thinking about a halfbaritone, Ibanez RGD series), and I was wondering: What the hell is it worth? A lot of people in other music stores said that I made a real good buy etc, but if I am going to sell it, what price should I be looking at? It has some very very small notches but nothing big.

Here's a picture I found, that's the exact (apart from the pickups of course) guitar of mine. Same color etc.

Personally i have no idea but i would suggest Ebay, Ebay is not 100% correct but its atleast 3/4 of the price you would get it in music stores.
it might be over priced but look at bids aswell, see if people are bidding on it. Try look at the same model, if they are all 900$ mark then thats how much your guitar is worth in my opinion. Eg. Epiphone Les Pauls all mark 400-600$
Yeah, it seems that the full name of my guitar is: Peavey Wolfgang EVH Special Quilt Top EXP, and it's made in Korea.



I think that in either way, it's worth more than 410$ that I bought it for, as it actually has 2 DiMarzios humbuckers in it AND I still have the original pups. The DiMarzios sure went for like 200$ so yeah!
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Put the original pups back in it, and either sell the DiMarzio's separately or put the in the new guitar

Hm, good idea actually. The problem is, I don't know what DiMarzio's that are in it. Also, I think I'm going to go EMGs och BareKnuckles on my RGD when/if I buy it. But yeah, it would be great if I could sell them separatly as they shouldn't go down that much in price, I mean pickups don't get "worn out".

Edit: Are there any way I could find out what model the dimarzios is? I mean, they are kinda.. black