> I tend to do my writing when I'm doing other things, and as a result, a lot of it is very disjointed. Here are a few pieces I am at least a little bit confident in.

Waves in the sand, they swirl and swell
A piece of driftwood
and a turtle shell.
These things I know too well.
You missed the meaning,
but you couldn't tell.

^-> Short, I know. I was sitting in a mall waiting for someone and decided to think up an instrumental. I thought of one, then came up with that in my head.

Jet fuel burning
Head gears turning
Skeletal machinery pistons pumping

Lithium, cyanide
Cannot compare
to your gray sky,
Empty like hotel rooms
After the honey moon
Inside a court room post mortem
Past the iris,
A nest of lies,
hemmed with barbed wire
A narcotic
So hypnotic
Blinds my senses
Leave me defenseless

Jet fuel burning
Head gears turning
Clockwork heart keeps on beating

Failure is an art form now

^-> I was playing with the idea of a mechanical man as a metaphor for a man who is going through the motions due to a lack of motivation, or as a man who is blindly driven towards some object.

A manilla envelope
Words that said it all
A letter inked in isolation
A catch 22 in the fine print
An IOU and a you-owe me
You know me but you don't own me
A verdict and a blank stare.
Two handshakes and one glare.
It's not so hard to forget,
It's not so easy to remember
A smirk soiling smeared makeup.

^-> Yeah? Maybe? I don't know. It has enormous meaning to me but I wonder if it can convey that.

Heavily medicated to treat the paralysis
And the narcoskeptic seizures
Bathroom scuffles, blue stem truffles
It's hard to show your face
When everyone knows you're crazy.

Captain to co-pilot, do you copy?
Crash landing gear deployed
Oxygen mask death shroud
The final countdown.
That whistling siren sound
Pursued by smoldering silence
and a pale moon to guide it.

Cover compromised
A palpable promise,
But the well ran dry.
Driving through the rear view,
Foreseeing a failure.

^-> I was on drugs :O just kidding.

One stop apothecary
Cash or credit
Trade-ins accepted

Time for a ride, shift into drive
Something's on my mind,
Gotta sit back and unwind.
Nothing to look for, nothing to find.

Crooked yellow lines,
Kaleidoscopic skies,
Highways, by-ways
Freeways, dog days
Red lights, knife fights
Short stays, long nights

Thunder, lightning
Clarity strikes me
No need for fighting
No use being frightened
Feel the noose tightening.

Noose? Careful now,
You might lose your mind out here.

^-> This one's about a guy who eats some acid, then gets paranoid and thinks the police are after him, so he flees from LA to Mexico.
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they're actually pretty good.

but you're supposed to limit,
yourself to one piece a day.
or something i'm not sure.

i dig all your shit man.
i look forward to more by you.
i am the lamb.
point me to the slaughter.