Hey i was looking around stores and at a music store i found it was $3000 - $3500 and at a second hand guitar shop i found it at $2000, just wondering if it's a wise choice to be buying the $2000 or not, suggestions please.
Are u talking AUS $ or US $? In US it's only around $800. It's the cheapest Gibson USA Les paul.
There somewhere around 1,300 US $ new, so 800 US $ is fair for both buyer and seller, and if I figured it correctly, 800 is somewhere around $940.80 AUS (I think).
What finish is on it? I really like the sound of this guitar and I'd pay 800 US for it.
I just don't understand, it's so cheap yet reviews make out it's one of the best thing ever to be played. I really love this guitar but i'm a bit worried there's a downside to if it cost alot less then other Les Pauls.

Can anyone give me more information on why it's so much cheaper?
its really only cheaper because it's not as aesthetically pleasing as the higher ranges. it forgoes things such as binding and flame tops to save cost.
It's a sunburst. I still don't understand haha, i feel stupid. I don't see the difference between a studio or a standard LP
studios r nice u just gotta pick and choose em like an above comment said they cost less because they dont have binding hopped up tuners fancy paint jobs etc there good guitars bro snag it here... U.S they go for 1300$ brand new so if its used prolly around 800-850$ make sure the price is good and if is snag it
Thanks that helps alot actually, i do not care btw about the finish or how great it looks, i really like the look of the studio faded LP.

Last question to finish the thread, would the Studio LP perform as good as maybe a standard, custom etc. I'm really interested in this because if they do perform and sound as well as the more expensive guitars i say why not get one
if you say it for $2000-3500 than either it wasn't a les paul studio or someone is trying to rip you off big time.
also keep in mind, that the faded studio comes with (in my opinion pretty cheap sounding) burstbucker pros, and the regular studio comes with the 490r/498t(which is what I currently use). It would be worth it to look around for a regular used studio instead of the faded. I got a used one last year for $700 at guitar center. It was black w/ gold hardware.
but does it perform really well and like the other Les Pauls? especially with sound
it's pretty much the same thing, just without finishing, and cheaper pickups. some people like the burstbuckers, but they just sound really thin to me
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