Now that my pedal board is complete (minus a chorus pedal) I'm looking to sell my Boss GT8 Multi-FX pedal.

This pedal has served me well over the past few years. It's a real solid work horse, but in the end I just don't think it suited me and I know I wasn't getting anywhere near as much out of it as I could have done.

Those of you who are interested will probably know all about it and what it can do, and I can't really do this thing justice, so I won't go into detail about it's features etc.

What I can tell you about is the condition it's in and what it comes with.

It's been a faithful gigging companion for the last 3 years so is obviously not in mint condition. It's a bit grubby, with a few scratches here and there, but mechanically and technically it's still as sound know as it was on day one. It's Boss, so therefore it's built to last and ready to withstand many more years of regular use.
I'll give a good clean and take some photos to upload in the next couple of days.

Also included are the original manual, which is also a bit tatty, a UK power plug and a Gator carry case (perfect fit). I will be resetting to factory default before I send it too.

I'm in Wolverhampton but will be willing to post anywhere in the UK (at buyers cost).

I'm open to offers around the £150 mark, or if you have a good chorus pedal to part-ex I'd be up for that too.

Let me know folks....
Interested in trading for my strat copy with fully scalloped board?
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Interested in trading for my strat copy with fully scalloped board?

Cheers for the offer, but I've just recently finished off my own Strat project so I'm not after another one.
Ok, here are some photos of the pedal. It's cleaned up pretty nicely and is looking a lot better than I may have given credit for originally!

Overall shots:

Serial number:

Close-ups (to show how well it cleaned up):

Carry case:

User Manual:

Snug fit:

I have someone with first refusal lined up on this, but if any of you want to claim next in line, if that deal falls through then let me know.