hey everybody.
so i'm looking for a new guitar.
i'm in a band, and generally we play grunge, nu-metal, alt rock, alt metal,some thrash and heavy metal(metallica, pantera) and evey now and then at jam sessionwe'll do some trivium and stuff.
right now i've got a squier strat, and ii don't feel like it's the right guitar for my sort of stuff.
so i decided i'd get myself an ibanez.
i searched on ebay and i found an ibanez GRG 170 dx, brand new,for 167 euro, and the seller has 100% pos feedback based on 500 sales or something.whatever.
give me some feedback on the model, two humbucher pickups, psnd1 and psnd2(?), and one single coil.
anyway, give me some advice!!
you want to try the guitar before you buy. how do you know it will feel right in your hands and have enough natural gain and balls for what you want? the guitar above will be allright for what you play, but do shop around to get the best you can.

also try looking into the Ltd range, and schecter guitars too. since we dont know your budget, i guess you can try guitars within your budget.
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My Jetking has the PSND (Powersound) pickups and I like those pups a lot for hardrock/metal.
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ok, another thing,
is it trustworthy..i'm really paranoid about it.
the information about the seller seems trustworthy..but 167euro (140£ according to yahoo) for a brand new guitar seems..too little.
he (or she) only sells musical instruments, and like i sais..100% pos feedback, but i don't know, i've also never bought instruments from ebay so i don't know..anyone with exp??
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How far away from you are they? I bought my bass on eBay, but only cause he let me come round to try it out first to see if I liked it. If they live close enough to you, try out the actual guitar you'll be getting, or at least find a music shop nearby to try out the same model in.
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..but 167euro (140£ according to yahoo) for a brand new guitar seems..too little.

Thomann sells it for € 215 brand new and that's the cheapest internet store I know.
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