I had a call today asking if I would be willing to lease out my Vox AC15H1TV to a local events company when they had bands over that didn't have their own kit. It would be fully insured by them under their policy and I would receive £60-70 per night.

Also, it would be a mate of mine that would set it up and pack it away (he know's how to treat this kind of kit).

Would/have you done this and any thoughts/advice please?

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I wouldn't rent out my main rig or my guitars but I have rented out my PA several times. I'd have no problem renting out my JCM900 eithr.
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I'd be fine renting my amp/cab out for a show backline, if it were fully ensured. Not to an individual band or person though.

Guitar and pedalboards are much more personal, and rarely provided by the venue. I wouldn't rent that stuff out in any case.

For your situation I would go for it. That's decent money for doing nothing. Rent it multiple times and it'll pay for itself. Do you have a roadcase for it? If not it WILL get bumped and ripped, which is probably not covered under their policy.
I'd rent mine to a show company, but not to an individual band. Admittedly I would probably request a copy of their insurance policy and a signed letter detailing the usage and cover for the amp. Otherwise, £60 a night for doing nothing.
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You have any friends or family friends or relatives or anything that are lawyers? If you do, have them look over the agreement and insurance policy before you sign it. They will notice things that us mortals with souls wouldn't notice, and it may save you aggravation and pain.

All around though i say go for it! I rent out my PA and my amp pretty often and i haven't had a problem(knock-on-wood)!
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In your situation, definatly.

It's fully insured, and you know the guy that's gonna be setting it up and packing it away, you get £60 for doing nothing.

It's not like it's a really expensive amp, so unless it has massive sentimental value, go for it.

I will if you don't
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Only if they have insurance and sign something saying they will pay so much a month for it and will replace it if it is damaged or have it repaired by a technician of your choice(they will just pick cheapest, not most qualified)

Only way I'd let a company rent my gear and i would never rent out a guitar. Amps, pedals, rack gear, and PA stuff only.
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If the bands are gonna be touching your amp at all. I wouldn't do it. If your mate was gonna be the only one touching it, then I'd allow it. But there's just too many idiots in this world (particularly many musicians). And even though it's insured. I doubt that insurance covers the months that some guy will take off your tube life by not allowing the amp to warm up.
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I wouldn't rent out my main rig or my guitars but I have rented out my PA several times. I'd have no problem renting out my JCM900 eithr.

I'd pray it didn't come back, were I in your shoes.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
No...never I don't even feel secure with my gear at my own gigs lol...never out of sight and never too far away
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If it's just an extra amp to you, and you wouldn't mind not seeing it for a while other than its monetary value, go for it.

Make sure the deal is secure too.
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This is a two word answer....HELL NO!!!!
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