Has anyone ever heard of the Maya guitar company? i have a Maya telecaster and its the best guitar i have ever played, its even got a better action than most of the real Fender tele's and strats iv played.

if anyone has any insight as to where this guitar comes from (where it was made? its roughly 30-40 years old by the looks of it) don't be afraid to say
and does anyone else have a Maya model? apparantly their very rare.
I've never heard of this company. It is probably just a small no-name that makes models similar to popular styles like that of the strat/tele probably even les paul style though there aren't as many mimicks of those as there is Fender. Maya sounds middle-eastern for some reason. Did you google it?
Action can be changed. Also, I've never heard the name. Sounds Mayan.

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yeah i googled it, apparantly it was a company in korea which produced copies of originals to a high standard, which is obvious since its a brilliant guitar, so easy to play yet it sounds amazing.

and yeah you can change the action, but only to a certain degree
one of my tutors owns a maya archtop, similar to the gibson joe pass guitar, and it sounds amazing, really smooth and gets super honky with the tone rolled up. i dont think they make guitars anymore though which is a shame.
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