Crit4Crit because I love UG.

Blank Expression

Cold night
Laying on the floor
Nothing to do
She said her head was sore

Airs getting hard
To push through my chest
Was I dead?
I couldn't care less

Depressing songs on repeat
Windows taped over
Mom tried to see me
Gave her cold shoulder

Peering over my balcony
I can feel my heart pump
Admiring the shit below
I might as well jump

Locked in my room
Nothing but the TV
Getting stoned
The only way I feel free

Eye sight fading
Haven't slept in days
Blotter on my tongue
Going in and out of phase

I've got some friends
To cure my boredom
Done it so many times
Had sex with all of them

I can see your intentions
Hidden behind your eyes
I can feel your purpose
Moving beneath your skin
So let me go along
I'll put on my rose glasses
And walk with a blank expressions