the other day i bought the boss ge7 equalizer guitar pedal, and for those of you that have it, does the 100 slider go all the way up or does it get stuck just a little before you reach the top of the slider? all the other sliders go all the way to the top, but not the first slider. i was just wondering this because i did not really pay attention to the sliders up until yesterday. all the other sliders go up to the top to the point where the 15+ is in the middle of the slider. except for the first one (100), it stops just at the 15+. dumb question, but its been bugging the crap out of me. i would go and see for myself at the music store, but i live kind of far from it, and i've been really busy to make it. thanks
the top part of the slider stops at the 15+ line. none of my friends have that pedal, so i can't make sure if its suppose to be like that.