Does anyone do this? Any issues

I love my LTD H-251 (newest guitar) and holy shiz the action is soooo low on the top gear strings) but on my FX-260 They're slightly higher even with the bridge the lowest on the top strings

I'm guessing it's just because the nut on the 251 is really low on the top strings where as it's not on the FX-260

I'm keeping my FX-260 in Standard because the looks are more metallica, and my H-251 in Drop C because it looks more.... heavier metal? :/,

But anyway since I'll be playing both and the action is different, Does anyone else have problems with this? I seem to keep fsking up with the top strings on solos because the strings feel different, but they're harder to bend because I'm using 10-52s in standard and 10-52s in Drop C, So i might switch them back to 9-46 for standard to even the tension between the two guitars

What are your thoughts on this? Prob a useless post but meh
I tend to like a uniform tension, but after a while playing you should get used to either one. Thats what you have to do if you were to have one guitar in different tunings anyway. Bending in standard will make the dropped ones effortless after a while when you get used to that string tension, not the other way round
I'd just suggest not using 9-46 for metal, I made the change from 11-52's to 9-46's on my strat, and they are absolutely useless for heavier genres. Just my opinion. (Yes, I am aware a strat is not a metal guitar, but I like the sound of it with heavy distortion on the bridge pickup.)

I'd say keep it the way it is.
If you wanted to lower the action more on the guitar where the bridge is as low as it can go, it is possible the truss rod could be tightened a bit. You should measure the relief to see if maybe there is a little too much. If there is, tightening the truss rod would drop the action a bit. Though if the neck relief is good where it is, I wouldn't mess with it.
it shouldn't be a problem. I've read that playing with too drastic of a tension change all the time could eff up your fingers though.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
eh...This doesn't phase me that much. When I first started playing guitar I messed with my string saddles and on this guitar it messed with the action, so like 4 of the 6 strings where all different heights. I had people ask me,"How the hell do you play this thing?" The only thing I hate is when my action is too high. I can deal with it being a little to low but too high annoys me.
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