Hey Guys,

I am looking to get a well-versed amp for heavy metal / hardcore / rock that can also handle cleans decently well. I know a guy who is selling a used Bogner Ubershall for 1450 bucks - it is in mint condition! How does this amp compare to the clean tone of say... a marshall DSL/TSL (which I own now)? I know it can lay down heavy riffage like no other. I am considering just buying the amp, based on how cheap it is selling used.
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Damn, I'd snatch that right up. I love the high gain tones of the Uber, though I don't really know how well it cleans up. As long as it's not a Twin Jet it should do cleans fine (though it'd be an even better deal if it were a Twin Jet).
If you don't like the cleans you could always get another cab (Even a 212 from Avatar or something) and A/B the two amps
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wow that sounds like a killer deal, aren't the uberschall's like 3k+ new?