We are organising an annual festival with amateur bands with two friends,this year we are gonna make it bigger than we expected,bringing in more bands and a big crowd.Now I want to get a guitar particularly for that festival and I want to focus more on it's looks and the Squier OBEY Tele strikes my eye,I have played squier before and I wasn't at all disappointed but I've never tried this one and the only way to get it was to order one.I know that picking a guitar for it's looks only may seem idiotic and,probably,shallow but I won't even consider it if it can't perform.I read the review here but I didn't find it satisfactory,can anyone provide me with some information on that guitar?Our sound is on the alternative side of things.
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Well I'd think they might be able to do the job.
It might sound like crap with those duncan designed pups.

Considering it's cheaper than the Classic Vibe series and it's a specialty instrument with a unique finish I'd assume it's not exactly a great guitar.

I mean if you wanna buy it strictly for this festival I don't really see problems with typical playing. If you're going to keep it it may be a good idea to look into upgrades it you really like it.

I personally wouldn't do it (my guitar is flashy enough with a snow white finish lol) but if you want to I don't see a problem. I mean how many people are going to care about what guitar you're playing? I would probably assume other guitarists would, but not the average concert go'er. Bring another guitar as a backup just in case.
I do have a classic vibe in mind also,it's sunburst but if i scratch the hell out if it it would get the desired look or something,wouldn't it?

You think scratching the hell outta a sunbust tele is going to look the same?

I'd say go with the Classic Vibe one and do what you want to it because it'll be better than the OBEY tele. Again, it's not something many people will notice.
The classic vibe im considering is actually a strat,I'm just a huge fan of the worn-out look,not the collage stuff.
Well you could take some sand paper to the edges to wear out the finish a bit? I'm not 100% sure about that though.
I should probably talk to somebody who has done that thing on a sunburst strat,I might know a guy.