Hello, dudes
I'm wondering if there's a passive pickup that sounds like a EMG 81 for bridge position, a DiMarzio or Seymour?
Or you can suggest something better
I play Heavy, Thrash, Neo, Metal,
With usually Alder Body with Maple neck.
And theres no budget, I just want a good sounding pickup.
Prog <3
^- To add to the above I play Lead Guitar, so a good sounding for solos would be nice.
Prog <3
Quote by holycow
a Bareknuckle warpig or painkiller

Bet me to it.

I'd say Bareknuckle Warpig or maybe even a ceramic Warpig. I have a Miracle Man and while it's the most toneful pickup I have ever used, it's much more open sounding and doesn't have the same compression as my EMG-81.
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It will never sound exactly like the EMG is it's passive.
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You post reminded me of this youtube vid comparing EMG81 to JB.
They are both a pretty good match for alder/maple guitars, although I wouldn't say they sound the same. You can get a used JB for 40ish bucks I'm sure and that thing will sound good in your guitar unless you do really low tuning. Bare Knuckles are probably sweet but I've never been willing to shell out the dough to find out, duncan, dimarzio, emgs etc all sell for really cheap used so I stick with those.
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