Another boring Floyd Rose question: are the base plates on Floyd Rose's interchangeable or do they have different dimensions? Could I, for instance, use a Schaller base plate with parts from another trem? Thanks.
NO. I say this because, while some parts from any of the gazillion licensed Floyds out there MIGHT be interchangebable, it would be impossible to know without have the actually units/parts in hand to be sure.

For example, some parts of a Schaller Floyd and an OFR can be swapped; but the majority cannot.
i have never used a floyd, but its a interesting thought though

i have never seen baseplates sold seperately, but are there components that are not replaceable attached to a baseplate? it sounds like you can just replace the saddles and other hardware and attach it to the baseplate.

but why would you need saddles and what not if you bought a schaller/OFR...