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New to the forum but I've been reading it for around 6 months and playing guitar for about a year. Only got round to registering after debating with my friend about who the ultimate studio perfectionist is. I heard that Hendrix recorded 119 takes of Purple Haze (although I'm not sure if this is entirely true!?). Whats the most takes you've heard anyone do in the studio?

p.s. Axl Rose doesn't count as he clearly lost it

edit: I wasn't sure where I should stick this thread, hope its ok in here!
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I know that Hendrix did do a LOT of takes of songs, generally slightly different versions though. He would record a lot of his live performances of songs and take the good points out of them. That's unlikely to happen these days as songs aren't written on the road to the same degree they were in his day.
I've spent over 4 hours doing a 30 second solo before...
My most recent cover... I did six vocal takes on it that I kept. I did around twenty that I threw out because they sounded stupid together... The bass I did at least 13 times, the guitar frustrated the hell out of me because of the volume swell I did in the beginning, that took me like, 24 times, and the acoustic I did a few more times, like 27. Drum program 1, synth, 2...

24+27+13+20+1+2=... 87 takes. Wow...
Well the performance is (in my opinion) the most important factor in any quality recording so my answer's kinda arsy

You can get the best sound with mic positioning/EQ'ing et all. but at the end of the day people will hear it and think "well if you took so much time to get such a great sound, could you not have got a more solid take when playing?". Seems kinda lazy.

That doesn't mean that doing 20-odd takes just for the hell of it is a good idea. If you get 1 or 2 really solid takes it can almost be counter productive to get more. It destroys the creative vibe, and if the client is paying good money for it, costs more financially.

Perfection isn't about doing more takes. It's about getting THAT take that keeps the energy of the song and keeps you focused on the original song and where it's going. If I get that take within the 1st 3-5 I'll go with it.

My 2 cents (or 1.3099 pence ) at least.
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Kevin Shields? If I'm not mistaken, he still claims to be working on an album that he won't release until it's as good as Loveless.
I know there was quite a lot of controversy & perfectionism surrounding the recording of The Beatles 'Strawberry Fields Forever', but I can't remember the exact details.

The obvious one is Chinese Democracy - recorded over 13 years with god knows how many different sets of musicians, most of whom didn't have their contributions included in the end.
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Glass Onion is another Beatles track thats got a bit of OCD. The snare hits in the fill are double-tracked the second time 'round, as opposed to the rest of the song. How long do you think they stayed up at night thinking 'what does this song need'...?