Hey man, I'm kind of new on the forums, so let's make a thread.

What would be the best order to put my pedals in. I've got a Dunlop Fuzzface, a Digitech Bad Monkey overdrive and a Vox V847 Wah.
You could literally do this any way you'd like. Some people like OD before fuzz and others like fuzz before OD. Try it out and see what you like. I like fuzz before OD.

Wah typically won't work together with your fuzz, if you place the wah before the fuzz. It sounds better before OD though IMO. If your wah has a buffer you'd better place it in front of the fuzz.

So I'd put your pedals like this:
Fuzz -> wah -> OD.

But really, try out every combination yourself and see what you like best.