Yeah I know I should transcribe by ear, but I suck at it. I'm curious if anyone's used this program and how they like it. Slowing down the song without changing the pitch is nothing new, and there's a few free programs that let you do that, but what I'm really curious about is how well the program guesses what chords/notes are being played at any given section of the song. If it does it well, then it would really help to get me going. Getting started seems to be the toughest part for me when tabbing out a song.

Suggestions/advice would be great because my tab requests never materialze into anything

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I use this program for all of my tabbing. the guessing part is pretty useless, but the ability to individually listen to the different channels and eq out different parts is great, and transcribe seems to do it best. to get a start on a tab id suggest selecting only the bass, and having it transpose everything up an octave. that can give you the basic bass + snare of any drums, as well as isolating the bass which you can then obviously start from. and you can also remove the centre channel which normally has the vocals drums and bass in it, which then lets you isolate most of the guitars. Its fantastic software, i use it almost everyday.