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Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some good songs in either DADF#AE or DADF#AD tuning, for solo acoustic.

Its a nice easy tuning to switch to, when I get a bit bored of standard, and I've written a few nice song ideas in this tuning, but I can't find any songs in this tuning, aside from most Mumford and Sons tunes and Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez.

I'm open to any sort of acoustic song, but if its either folk or instrumental fingerstyle, that would be preferred.

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^Yeah look for open D, there are quite a lot of songs, and sites that show how to play a load of chords on that tuning so you can improvise, or play songs normally in standard tuning.

Also, give DADGAD a try
If you have a capo, The Gardener by The Tallest Man on Earth

And this song is in DADADE, Dogs by Damien Rice.
DADF#AD: Akaskero by the awesome Thomas Leeb. One of his easier songs, but sounds really good, especially the tapped harmonics part. It's solo acoustic. Check it out on youtube.
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Try this song, its not too difficult and sounds beautiful !!!

Just so we're clear here, this thread is from 2010. That's called a, "Necrobump", if you enjoy colloquialisms...

However, I'd like to point out, the tuning in question would actually be, "open D add 9".

(I thought I'd kill the party atmosphere with a little theory....)...
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Joni Mitchell's had many songs in it. You can browse her transcriptions on her website