I just bought an artec apw-7 wah pedal and now i am having some strange problems with it.

The pedal seems to be reversed, when i press heel down it sweeps to treble and toe down it sweeps to bass.
The other problem is that my pedal does not have a "smooth" sounding sweep. When i sweep the pedal the sound almost only changes in a very small part in the middle of the sweep. (Hope you understand)

I have tried everything - battery, power supply, adjusting knobs

This is my first wah so i am asking here to see if i should return the pedal, or if this is some stupid problem that i am causing / i can fix

Probably just the pedal, how it's designed. You might be able to fix the reverse thing, by switching the wires on the pot around. But if it's surface mounted it might be tricky.

I'd return it.
Thanks for your input, i am probobly going to return it. I have seen and listened to many demos of the pedal and non had this "problem".

If anyone that own a artec wah can commet would be great