My friend recently helped me rewire my ESP LTD EC-1000's circuitry from active (EMGs) to passive (Bareknuckles) and I realized the tone pot is split shaft and very low quality, its a bitch to turn and my friend screwed up and made the pulled position humbucker and pushed position coil-split and I want it the otherway, I also need a new black knob for it but I got that covered since I already ordered two a few days ago. Now I just need to order one more.

Anyway I need a new high quality 500k push/pull solid shaft pot and I was wondering if someone could give me a link to a website with one that would work and be awesome for me.

I've tried looking at allparts.com and gpusa.com (bought some black knobs a few days ago from them.) I just want to make sure to get something good that won't suck. Thanks.

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where are you located? i have a bunch of allparts push/pull long shaft 500k pots for sale. i'm an authorized reseller. PM me.
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