Just recieved my live-in flight case from The Flight Case Company.

The packaging it came in wasn't amazing (flimsy corrugated wrap) though I guess it doesn't matter too much seeing as it's a flight case... anyways, onto the pictures!


Underneath - comes with rubber feet


With amp inside

Foam on the lids

The amp fits really snug inside, no up/down/side to side movement. Overall I'm quite pleased with the quality of the case, I'm confident it'll put up with the rigors of transport - the only downside is that I had no contact with the company after ordering, never answered the phone, nor responded to my emails, otherwise I'm quite chuffed.

* I tried to contact them for a completion date, as I have a gig on the 30th, and wanted to know if I'll have it in time.
Happy NFCD!

The head fits in there so snugly...

... pfft ahahahaha.
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Why did I guess there was going to be an ENGL in there without seeing a pic. Looks pretty sturdy to me.
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Thanks guys!

Yeah I was concerned about the amp fitting correctly, I've heard a few horror stories and it's a relief it fits well!

Probably because you own an Engl yourself, so you could sense the awesomeness.