Here is a new song I have been working on. As the title says this is a two part piece.

Part I- Slower Post rock-ish song

Part II- Faster maybe post-hardcore/hardcore song

Anyways any constructive criticism would be greatly welcomed. Leave a link and I will C4C.
You're not allowed to just blatantly bump your own piece like that....

Anyways, for the most part, the instruments are well written. However, it does get quite repetitive as it goes. I suggest that you add in another melody on one of the other instruments at 168, because it starts to get quite boring at that point.

You major problem, however, are your drums. They provide no energy, and hold the piece back horribly. Involve the crash cymbal more (I don't think I ever heard it once), change to the ride cymbal occasionally, use the loose hi-hat instead of closed for the more high energy parts, and include more powerful build-ups and fills. This piece could be so much more, but due to the drums, there is absolutely no energy or power in it whatsoever.

C4C? Purity Complex, in my sig, really needs it.