Hello, I'm not exactly sure this fits in with "guitar" gear & accessories, though I suppose people who use Hex pickups or use MIDI when performing live (and don't have free hands) could benefit from this question, as well.

Basically, what I'm looking for is a pedal that you could attach to your computer via USB and then program to output a keyboard command (something as basic as the space/enter key) when it is pressed. I have looked all around my local music shops, and have found nothing, and due to a couple of bad experiences purchasing online for something not normally used, I thought I'd ask for some assistance here.

The reason I need it is because I'm practicing a piano concerto (George Gershwin's Concerto in F, to be specific), and thought it would be interesting to practice this with the "orchestra." To get used to how this sounds before I get with an actual orchestra. So what I've done is bought the complete orchestral score and entered the entire thing into Finale. I then tweaked the expression marks to get it to sound the way I wanted it to, and then I recorded the individual sections (via Audacity). I import all of these .mp3 files into Live 8.1, and have programmed it to play each file to the end, then stop, then wait for me to press the space key, and it will play the next file. All I need now is the above-mentioned pedal to basically work the space key (since my hands are busy playing many times).

So, for example, I would want to sit down at the piano, press the pedal, then the Orchestra would play mm. 1-20, then I come in with a solo through mm. 40, and then a quick pedal pressing would cue the orchestra for a joint-Piano-and-Orchestra section. Etc. Etc.

If anyone has solutions for my problem, I would be very appreciative.
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You could do it cheap-o and get a gamecontroller, and a program called Joy-to-key, you just map a button on the controller to the space button and voila.
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Well, I'll be using my foot to do this, so I'd like something a little less-movable and a little larger (since I'll basically just be tapping it without rly looking at what I'm hitting)

Still though, it'd be good for last-resort purposes