Ok so i've been learning to play for a few days, haven't had much time, but just been practicing how to press frets, i use my fingertips of course, but i seem to pull the string down naturally as i press it, like a pitch bend before i strum, meaning i have to readjust, which is annoying.

i know it takes alot of practice, but is there anything i can do to my technique to try and stop it happening? When i try playing the two chords i've learned ( c and g7) it's really annoying.


Edit: while i'm here, could you also recommend a good metal guitar for around 600-800, i've got a fender strat atm, which is a good beginner guitar, but eventually i'll want a new one. I was thinking a Ibanez s520ex? Any other recommendations?
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Relax - literally only apply as much pressure as you need to get the string to ring out. Any more is unnecessary.
well, that helped alot lol, i was just pressing them down as hard as i could thinking if i didn't i'd get a crappy sound, should be able to practice longer without hurting my fingers now too haha.

thanks for the help, i can get back to watching my learn and master guitar dvd now, bought it on the weekend $149 for 20 lesson/workshop disks, 5 jam along cds, and a lesson book. real good for absolute beginners, as in you have no idea where to even start lol.
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A Fender Strat is more than just a good beginner guitar my friend. Are you sure you dont mean a Squier Strat?

Anyways, just keep practicing and focus on correcting yourself. Since you know what your problem is, fret the strings then take a look at them to ensure you aren't bending them. Then slowly strum out the chord. Release, and fret them again and repeat the process. Just take it slow and focus on being accurate. Your fingers will develop muscle memory, so in time, providing you're correcting yourself, you'll be fretting those chords and you won't have to think about it.
For tone, Strat will give you more than any Ibanez..and they're well made, beautiful guitars too.

Anyway, yes, just remember to only EVER use the amount of force necessary to produce a note. Anywhere past that you'll harm your fluidity, speed, fingers, chord changes and pretty much everything else inbetween.
I had the same problem..it goes away with time as you build muscle memory and strength in your fingers. Good luck!!
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