Being a complete n00b to guitars altogether I thought I'd seek the advice of more experienced hands..

Ive wanted to learn acoustic for a long long time now. My question is this: Is it any more/less difficult to learn to play on a "travelling" guitar.? To help I think i ought to say that my hands arent particularly big and being only 5 ft 7 I find i cant fit properly around some acoustics without being able to see my fingers on the frets..

I'm also rather fond of the idea of being able to take a guitar places without having to worry about space. As a university student who travels a great deal this would be very useful..

I was looking at the Tanglewood TB Baby, mainly because it's cheap..So if anyone has any experience with this guitar it would be appreciated.

I have small hands too but getting a nice fitting neck has never been a problem for me. I just have to search harder.

Although travelling guitars are easy and convenient to carry around, they dont (usually) sound very good, and this tends to impact your motivation to practice.

For occasional playing their not too bad.
I see travelling guitars as one of the toys made for guitarist. They are a brilliant thing but I definetely wouldnt use one for my main guitar, get a full body id say.

Also, only go REALLY cheap if you want to sound like crud and probably not pick the guitar up after a few trys.
Taylor and Washburn both make 'decent' travel guitars. It is hard to find one without a tinny, canned sound.

I'd liek to suggest that you look at 3/4 and 7/8 scaled guitars. They come a bit smaller and you can find some really neat models. Most music stores will have a few that you can try.