I've almost got this figured out, just need some help with the rest of the guitar part.


Beyond that, I can't find the fret that makes it sound right. Little help?
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2:----------------------| \ This is the Rhytm part, you can also
3:----------------------| \ play it in power chord... (A5)
4:----------------------| /
5: 0---0-0---0---0-0----| /


2:--------------------------------------------| \
3:------4--4-7--7--7-7p4---7--7-7p4---2h4-----| \
4:5-7--7----------------7----------7-----5--/7| /
5:--------------------------------------------| /

This was done quick and since i don't know from
where to where you want the tab i've just
tabbed the little lead part at the beggining...

Play all this in standard tuning

Hope that help

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Umm thanks but, I dunno where your getting all that, the rythem bit is right though. The tab should start where the guitar starts in that clip. The little tab I made sounds perfect to me, I just can't find the next part. You would think it would be close on the fretboard, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere near the rest of the notes. It's driving me mad.

I downloaded a guitar tuner app for the iPhone that senses sound, but it's nowhere near accurate. Whats a good free music program I could record the audio, and slow it down with?