I did do a search and it found nothing on the first page of results, so I assume there are no active threads about this, forgive me if I'm mistaken!

Who here has a Tumblr? For whatever reason.
I got one the other day since I've moved somewhere new for a year and I've many a rant, figured I could combine my seething hatred of almost everything with a bit of a diary of the year

So yeah, what's your Tumblr for? And give a link, who knows, sure some of you have some real interesting stuff on yours, could be good to see what people get to writing!


Thats mine, I got it because my girlfriend had got one, and her friend taught her how to use it, after being on it for a while. However, I rarely use mine, as my homepage/dashboard gets clogged up with stuff about the tv show Lost, that my girlfriend and her friend both love, and I hate with a passion.

Theres absolutely nothing of interest on mine, aside from a start to a 30 day letter challenge, where you write a letter to 30 people on 30 days, that I gave up on after 1 day, haha.