Does anybody know of a Stratocaster of any brand that has the following stock

- 24 frets
- Neck and Bridge humbuckers (I don't care how they sound, I have spares)
- Beveled neck heel

Thanks (:
If you're talking about a typical Strat (electronics mounted in a pickguard, bolt-on neck, traditional vibrato, 9.5" fretboard radius, etc) then you're pretty much entirely out of luck unless you get in touch with a custom shop, private luthier or Warmoth. If you simply want any kind of super-Strat then there are literally hundreds to choose from; you'll need to be more specific.
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If you don't mind a super-strat shape, then there's the Ibanez RG550. Alder body, bolt-on maple neck, contoured heel, HSH pickup configuration mounted into a pickguard, locking tremolo, 24 frets. It's pretty similar to a stratocaster in terms of construction, less so in shape.
Hmm, thanks everyone. I'll probably just go out of my way and do it all custom myself.
Try charvel guitars most of them are strat shape, not sure about the bevel or the frets.