depends. if you want blues-type songs, Will There Be Enough Water is a good place to start. So Far From Your Weapon is another one. Definitely not like alot of Jacks more bluesy stuff (ie, Instinct Blues, 300MPH Torrential Outpour Blues, etc.) but they do have a nice mix of blues and rock. Hang You From The Heavens grew on me ALOT. TBH at first I hated them, but have grown to love em. Horehound is better than SOC methinks.
They all use Gretsch's..so that's a 7/10

however, they use a huge amount of disonance within their live shows AKA not pentatonic minor

...so that brings it down to around a 5.2 on the bluesoscale.
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I'd say 6/10, for the same reasons as Pillows^. The dissonance gives it an unpolished, jazzy feel at times.
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i'd give their bluesiness a 4. jack's compositions are definitely as bluesy as TDW can get (which aren't even as bluesy as jack can get), but the other members do most of the writing... and it shows.

"bluesy". good word.
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"bluesy". good word.

agreed. I personally find them more and more bluesy the more i listen to them. And Jack White says Sea of Cowards is the bluesiest thing he's ever worked one which sparked me to ask this question. Anyways I give them a 7 just because the more i listen the more i hear blues.
I didn't find Sea of Cowards very bluesy at all...psychedelic definitely, but not so much blues in any sense of the word