I have a 1991 Marshall Valvestate 8100 stack. Recently the head quit working (won't even power on). I tried replacing the fuses but that didn't help, so it is something else that I can't fix myself.

My question is, generally, how much do you think it would cost to repair? I ask this because the closest place that does it is in the town my college is located so i was going to take my amp there when college starts up. The place only takes cash, so I wanna know about how much $$ I should take with me to college to repair it.
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Completly depends on what it is that's broken, that's common sense.

It could be something simple like a broken solder joint, which won't cost much at all.
It could be a serious problem with the solid state circuit boards which you might not even be able to fix.
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How do you know it's basic repair?

IDK that, I meant the wuestion is basic, because I don't have specific info about what could be wrong or anyhting.
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Those things are mostly PCB inside. If it's not something simple like a jack going south, I'd be surprised if the repair bill isn't astronomical.

Edit: just reread the post. It's probably buggered.
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