So yeah, I don't really use cleans on an amp, so would I be better of going for the 6260 as it's cheaper?
As I've understood, sound-wise they're the exact same amp. The only difference is that with the 6260 both channels share the same controls and with the 6262 both channels have dedicated controls. So, if you're only using one channel, you won't really be needing controls for both channels.

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actually, the way i see it, you're better off with the 6262 if you dont use cleans. you could EQ it so you have two different sounding distortion tones. crank the gain on the cleans, and with that separate EQ, you can get a crunch tone (maybe one for your leads or a light rhythm).

with the 6260, you're sort of stuck with one EQ, so you are almost stuck using the clean tone as a clean.
I won't use a crunch tone really haha, I'm just buying it for a metalcore tone as I can't afford a 6505+.